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Since 1956, we have delivered propane, home heating fuel, diesel, and gasoline to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. We also carry motor and lubricate oils for all your heavy-duty trucking, construction and automotive needs. Our team is happy to assist and answer any questions as well as fulfill special orders upon customer request. Discover how Parsch Oil can help you with your fuel needs.


Propane tanks of all standard sizes are available. Whether you are heating your house or just operating a few appliances, we have the right tank size for you. Our propane tanks are professionally installed and a complete leak test is done to ensure your safety. Parsch Oil propane tanks range in size from 120 gallons to 1000 gallons and are available in a variety of tank colors.

Propane Tank Set Information

Primary Heating Accounts
  • First 10 feet of copper installed FREE
  • Regulators included
  • Line leak checked after installation.
Other Tank Sets
  • Generator
  • Swimming Pool
  • Temporary Heat

    Propane Delivery Options

    Parsch Oil offers two delivery options to homes and businesses to ensure you never run out of fuel. We deliver using our well maintained fleet ensuring our trucks are on the road providing prompt and reliable delivery.

    Keep-Fill Delivery We use forecasting to ensure our customers never run out of fuel. This unique calculation is based on the weather report and your personal historical usage.

    Will-Call Delivery You have the flexibility to monitor your own tank on your schedule. Simply call us when your tank reaches 30% to schedule a delivery

    Monitored Delivery We will install a cellular monitor that will report tank readings to our back office multiple times per day. We will automatically schedule a delivery when your tank reaches 30%. Great option for snowbirds, generators, swimming pools, and other usage that doesn’t have a typical heating pattern. Additional service contract required.

    Propane Programs

    Pre-Buy Program

    Pay for your fuel up front to be delivered later in the year. Programs available in July and run though April, quantities and restrictions apply.

    Price-Cap Program

    Pay an enrollment fee and ensure your price does not go above a set ceiling price amount. Programs available in July and run though April, quantities and restrictions apply.

    Budget Program

    Spread your payments out between equal payments throughout the year. 10 equal payments August-May with settlement in June and July.

    Market Rate

    Simply call us when it’s time for a new delivery and we’ll schedule a time for a team member to refill your tank.

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    Fuel Oil / Diesel Fuel / Gasoline

    We carry #2 fuel oil, on and off road diesel, unleaded, mid-grade, premium, and rec gasoline, and bio-diesel. Parsch Oil services a wide variety of clientele including commercial, residential and agricultural customers. We deliver heating fuel to your home, dyed diesel for your farm or construction site, and on the road diesel and gasoline to fleets.


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      Motor & Industrial Oil

      Parsch Oil and Propane carries Mobil, Brad Penn, Accurate, Eastern, Kendall, Shell as well as other brands of industrial oil. We offer a variety of lubricants and greases including automotive lubricants and grease, industrial lubricants, specialty lubricants, and greases and DEF. We host a variety of sizes including 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, kegs, and quarts (single or cases.) Please call the office for availability. Special orders are available upon request.

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