Residential Propane Programs

Our price protection programs are designed to safeguard you from the risk of fuel price spikes and higher fuel bills that can typically occur during the winter season. Van Dyke Gas Co. is pleased to offer you three great options.

Pre-Buy Plan

One simple rate. One advance payment. With this plan, you pay for your annual supply of fuel in advance at a special pre-season rate. Then, your fuel is delivered to you automatically throughout the year. Call today to learn this year’s Pre-Buy rate or for further program details!

Cap Price Plan

Stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. The Cap Price Plan always gives you the best possible rate for your fuel. If rates rise, your rate can never be higher than your cap. If rates fall below your cap, you pay the lower rate. It’s a win-win situation. A $49.95 fee is required to secure enrollment. Call today to learn this year’s Cap Plan rate or for further program details!

Budget Pay Plan

Spread out your fuel costs into 11 monthly payments. The Budget Pay Plan is an alternate payment option available to Routed Delivery customers. We simply estimate your upcoming annual fuel costs based on your past usage and current market rates, then divide that total into equal monthly payments. For extra price protection, it can also be used in conjunction with the Cap Price Plan. To learn what your monthly Budget Payment would be call today!